Toggled on!

We toggled ourselves on! Featureflow is live. You can sign up now at and try us out.

Over the last few months we’ve refined and tweaked to match the feedback of our beta users, we’ve added many new features and we’ve prioritised and reprioritised many more in our backlog.

We are live so go and try us out! 

Whats new?

We’ve added:

  • New SDKs – Go, Java, Javascript, React, Angular
  • Stale notifications – know when your features need removing
  • Improved rules UI – easily create gradual rollouts between multiple variants
  • Improved quick start – quick run through modal and an interactive guide (more languages to come soon)
  • Billing payments and free trial
  • Fixes and improvements to SDKs and UI
  • Intercom goodness for feedback – please go crazy and tell us what you think, we love your feedback 🙂